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Working sample of a commissioned book illustration:


The German Book Burnout des Mannes - die 18 Säulenstrategie (men's burnout - the 18 pillar strategy) published in 2015 by Jürgen Koch-Draheim is a practical guide for the burnout-affected. It also provides important background information on how a burnout evolves, how it might be handled and strategies to avoid it. 

My handdrawn illustrations enhance the topics and make it an amusing read despite the serious topic.

©, Jürgen Koch-Draheim book author, burnout guidebook, handdrawn book illustrations by Mira Kaufmann, sanguine illustrations 2016, realistic original drawings
©, Mira Kaufmann illustrator, book illustrators in Germany, handdrawn illustrations in sanguine, commission book illustrations here
©, burnout book published in 2016 by german book author Jürgen Koch-Draheim, Illustrator Mira Kaufmann provides many handdrawn realistic and funny book illustrations